When to Regenerate RV Softener

Check the water inside your RV or at the outlet side of the RV Softener with the soap test supplied. If you do not achieve suds, then it is time to regenerate the RV Softener following instructions below.

  Regenerating the RV Softener

1. Turn off water supply then relieve pressure from system. Remove the outlet line and direct it to a drain receptacle or bucket.
2. Remove the salt fill cap from the top of the black manifold on top of the tank. Remove some of the water from inside the tank to make room for the salt.
3. Pour in a four pound box of table salt, not water softener salt (which would take much longer to rinse out). Then clean the salt fill port threads and replace the salt fill cap. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN, CAP HAS O-RING SEAL.
4. Turn on the water supply and let softener run SLOWLY to the drain or a bucket for 5 minutes or until water runs clear with no salt taste.

Softener is now ready for service.

Notes: Before storing, remove all of the water from inside the unit to prevent freezing. The RV water softener may be stored horizontally or vertically but must be vertical when in use. If softener is stored for a long period of time, a cap full of hydrogen peroxide can be added with the salt to sanitize the softener.