5-Stage 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

Price: $169.00
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        • > 5-Stage 75 GPD Reverse Osmosis system includes everything you need to install it.
        • > This system provides low cost drinking water in the convenience of your home or office.
        • > The manual fast flush feature allows you to purge the membrane of scale and iron in rough water applications.
        • > The push-to-connect fittings are labeled and allow for quick and secure installation.
        • > The dimensions are: 18" tall, 16" wide and 6" deep.
        • > The 3 gallon storage tank is 9.7" wide and 15.3" tall.
        • > A standard chrome faucet, system shut off valve, drain saddle, tank shut off valve and all tubing is included along with the membrane and filters. A filter sump wrench is included.
        • > The inlet, drain, tank and faucet line connections are all labeled for accurate installation.
        • > Minimum pressure required is 25 psi at the unit inlet line.
        • > Maximum total dissolved solids (TDS) is 1500 ppm.
        • > One year warranty excludes membrane and filters.