Viqua Model D4 9 gpm UV System

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Install a Viqua UV Max Model D4 Ultraviolet Water System and you no longer have to be concerned about contamination from harmful bacteria, virus, and microorganisms such as e coli, giardia and cryptosporidium causing illness. Viqua UVMax D4 is a point-of-use ultraviolet disinfection water treatment system offers a 9 gpm water flow rate. The UVMax D4 Plus compact design, simple installation, and low cost of operation is ideal for point of use applications. Drink confidently with Viqua's quality and reliability from its 9 gpm high-output ultraviolet water purification system the Viqua UVMAX D4.

  • Viqua UVMax controller with water-resistant case
  • Indicator lights show the status of each system component
  • Stainless steel chamber with safety cap and special lamp plug
  • Universal power input
  • High-output UV lamp
  • Free shipping
  • Environmentally-friendly

Click thumbnail picture for exploded view of optional bypass.