Chlorination / De-chlorination System Rated to 10 GPM

Price: $1999.00
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  • Apply to high sulfur, manganese, bacteria or bacterial iron problems.
  • Complete chlorination / de-chlorination system.
  • ChemTech 30 gpd pump with self priming degasifying head eliminates air lock issues.
  • 15 gallon chlorine solution tank.
  • A 1.0 cubic foot automatic carbon filter with a 9" x 48" tank includes a system bypass.
  • Choose from three control valve options.
  • An 80 gallon fiberglass retention tank made by Clack Corp. is included. Dimensions: 21" diameter x 69" tall
    and plumbs in and out of the top manifold. An internal distributor provides proper water
    flow through the tank. 1" bottom port for blow down included.
  • Carbon filter requires a minimum of 5 GPM well flow rate >> How To Determine Your Well Flow Rate
  • Includes a chlorine test kit.
  • Ships common carrier.