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FAST & FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS IN THE LOWER 48 | US Assembled | Say NO to Chinese Manufactured Softeners
FAST & FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS IN THE LOWER 48 | US Assembled | Say NO to Chinese Manufactured Softeners

What Size Water Softener Do I Need?

It can be confusing finding the right water softener for your needs and budget. Our free calculator can help guide you.

Water Softener Size Calculator

See below for help determining Hardness and Iron Content.

**NOTE:  This calculator should serve as a guide only.  For complex hardness or iron issues, or people with large households (>6-7 people)/large houses (>5 BR/4BA)/commercial locations, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you consult with a WQA Certified Water Specialist (we have them on staff!), as this calculator may underestimate your softener size, not account for certain pitfalls, and provide inadequate results. 

Determining Water Hardness and Iron

If you have a public water source, contact your the water department for the total hardness of the water they supply to you.

This information may be available online. If is shown in mg/l or ppm, divide that number by 17.1 which will convert this into GPG (grains per gallon or grains of hardness). Then use our sizing calculator here to size a water softener.

If you have a private or community well, you must have your water tested for hardness, iron and pH before an equipment recommendation can be made. It is important to know what type and level of iron that is present. A properly sized water softener will remove clear water iron. Check out our Hardness, Iron & pH Test Kit.

Order the test kit above or mail us a water sample to at 3211 Dryden Rd. Dayton, Ohio 45439. Fill an empty plastic water bottle 3/4 full and we will test your hardness, iron, pH and total dissolved solids (TDS) at no cost to you. Please include your phone number and email inside the package so we can contact you with your results!

Test Kit

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