Portable RV Water Softener, 12000 Grains

Price: $209.00
  • SKURV2
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  • This portable RV / Marine water softener provides luxurious softened water during your travels.
  • Convenient carrying handle that can also be used to securely mount the unit.
  • Garden hose fittings, female inlet, male outlet.
  • 9" diameter by 18" tall fiberglass tank with base.
  • 0.375 cubic feet of 8% resin (12,000 grains) manufactured by Aldex, a Canadian company..
  • Top manifold comes with removable cap for easy manual regeneration (just use a box of table salt).
  • Comes completely assembled and ready to travel.
  • Soft water soap test kit supplied.
  • Includes 4' garden hose, simply connect this system from your existing garden hose to your RV.
  • Free shipping
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