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FAST & FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS IN THE LOWER 48 | US Assembled | Say NO to Chinese Manufactured Softeners
FAST & FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS IN THE LOWER 48 | US Assembled | Say NO to Chinese Manufactured Softeners

CR26 Iron/Manganese/Sulfur/Arsenic Filter 1.5 Cubic Foot

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by Fleck
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Our state-of-the art CR26 Filters remove Iron, Manganese, Sulfur and Arsenic from trouble water.  The lightweight CR26 media is a perfect solution for removing contaminants from low flow/low yield wells that don't provide enough water to adequately backwash traditional filtration media.

Aldex CR26 is an insoluble media that oxidizes species in solution including hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese.  Metal-oxide nanoparticles are precipitated within the resin bed where they form very strong chemical bonds with arsenite (AS III) and arsenate (AS V).  This allows CR26 to thoroughly and effectively remove arsenic along with Fe, Mn and H2S.

  • CR26 filtration media with the AIO (air induction) added to the system removes iron up to 10 PPM, manganese, sulfur and arsenic.
  • CR26 Filtration Media manufactured by Aldex is NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified
  • The AIO check valve has a 1 year warranty.
  • The incoming pH MUST be above 6 for this filter to work effectively.
  • The Fleck 5600SXT control have a 5-year warranty (inner parts not warranted by Fleck).
  • The 10-year warranted 10"x54" tank houses 1.5 cubic feet of media and includes a media funnel.
  • CR26 is less dense than traditional filtration medias, which allows it to be backwashed at lower flow rates to achieve ideal bed expansion needed to remove metal0oxide precipitates generated during the service cycle.  CR26 also uses less water for regeneration than standard filtration medias.
  • CR26 expected service life is 7-10 years per the manufacturer.
  • Requires a minimum of 3 gpm well pump flow rate. Read this >> Determine Your Well Flow Rate 

CR26 Spec Sheet

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